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Market Services are common technology and business process services used across the London Market to streamline, modernise and automate insurance processes to deliver the vision of one-touch data capture and straight-through processing, while retaining the judgement and face-to-face relationships that underpin and differentiate the London Market.

Status of Market Services page 

We have listened to market feedback and have delivered a Status of Market Services page which provides the latest service status for any Market Service provided by LIMOSS.

This page will deliver timely and meaningful updates consistent with any supporting vendors.

COVID 19 - SDC Emergency trading protocols

Read the SDC Guidance for Lloyd’s Europe submissions.

The Lloyd’s Emergency Trading Protocol (ETP) provides temporary permission to Managing Agents to agree lines on placements by email – the ‘email agreement’.

The use of SDC is mandated for business placed with Lloyd’s Europe. This communication provides guidelines to support the submission of policies to Lloyd’s Europe, via the SDC Service, where the email agreement is necessary. Please note these guidelines are for documents submitted into the SDC Service outside PPL, and without a ‘wet stamp’.

Read the Lloyd’s Emergency Trading Protocols.

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